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Helping founders of digital agencies navigate their way to a safe and fruitful exit via IPO.


Become part of a themed group of companies, allowing your agency to command a higher public market valuation. 

Goal:  An exit vehicle, created to help founders of digital agencies maximize their valuation via IPO.

Timeline: Agency onboarding closes April 25th.

How Does it Work: Grouping several themed companies together in this manner is an efficient way of quickly achieving scale by leveraging their combined EBITDA. Having that increased scale will make the virtual group much more attractive to a larger pool of potential buyers – who will pay a premium for that scale. Therefore, on exit, the owners of each company in the virtual group can expect to receive a higher price that might otherwise only be achieved by means of exceptional organic growth. Thus, the net result of the virtual merger is an exit price that is maximized for the entrepreneur and done in a fraction of the time of growing a business organically.

We are currently working along side established London based firm Quadra Capital to carefully qualify the firms who best fit the group's mandate.

Learn how your agency can be a part of our next Virtual Merger group. 



  • Marketing a group of companies for sale has several advantages over one that is independent 

  • Attractive to a much larger buyer pool. Buyers will pay a premium for a group of themed companies

  • Faster way to increase purchase price as opposed to waiting for organic growth

  • Ability to cross-sell within the themed group

  • Shared synergies and economies of scale

  • Increased earnings and profits

  • Easier to raise meaningful amounts of capital for a group of themed companies


In addition to the typical advantages enjoyed by companies within a virtual group structure, partnering with TORRO Group & Quadra Global Capital Corp has several additional benefits.

  • Access to a group of highly experienced professionals in Private Equity, M&A, Law, Tax, Capital Raising and Investment Banking, with backgrounds from Goldman Sachs, PwC, UBS, Eversheds, The Carlyle Group, and Rothschild, among other similar companies

  • Access to bespoke M&A deal flow and contract opportunities to facilitate growth

  • Access to on-demand sales and lead generation services to drive revenue growth

  • Preferred rates on accounting, legal and tax work

  • A clearly defined route to exit via a trade buyer or stock market listing

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