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WordPress Development Agency with SaaS Product Offerings

This business is a world-level WordPress development company with niche, focused expertise. The company primarily provides web development services and is moving into SaaS with its own products as a new growth direction. The agency also generates impressive revenue through Upwork providing services to non-Upwork clients in addition to its own website.

Price: $700,000 USD


Affiliate Portfolio Business in the Coupon Niche

For sale is a portfolio of 35 websites in the highly desirable coupon niche. Several of which were developed in-house as white-label sites for plug ‘n’ play in any media site (newspapers, magazines, blogs with high traffic) and can be running in just 7 days. The customizations of the white label sites are complete with accurate SEO.

Price: $4,000,000 USD

Highly Automated Productivity App With 100% MRR

This business provides productivity software to technology teams. With advanced knowledge of project management and Atlassian tools, the company developed software to help people in companies improve product development efficiency

Price: $600,000 USD


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