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Founded in 2018, TORRO Group is a boutique digital advisory firm specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions and headquartered in Edmonton, Canada. Our team and industry partners represent $500M in gross sales and over 50 years of collective experience in building, brokering, strategically acquiring and successfully exiting businesses around the world.

We built our company by meeting new people, understanding new perspectives and making sincere connections with founders of digitally native and tech enabled businesses.

In having these conversations, we noticed the reoccurring theme of feeling unheard and under serviced. Those who had spoken to traditional business brokers, advisors and intermediaries in the past found communications to be stale, ineffective and highly transactional. Those that had attempted to work with them had been proposed traditional M&A solutions to modern digital business problems. A lack of hands-on experience and understanding of eCommerce the digital landscape hindered their ability to provide a tailored, digital centric solution.

As a duo of ex - agency owners with years of practical experience, this is where we thrive. We have been in your shoes and intimately understand the challenges digitally native business owners face on a daily basis. Our client focused approach stems from not only our direct experience both in professional industries and as entrepreneurs, but also our ability to serve our clients through our key industry partnerships with leading Digital Business Brokerages, Institutional & Private Lenders, Private Equity, Valuation Specialists, and Tax & Legal Attorneys.

 As a firm, the diligence and level of care that goes into navigating our clients through an exit or acquisition is what excels and differentiates us. There's a special quality in every prospective partner, seller and acquirer that we instinctively look for and connect with on a human level prior to committing to any long term working relationship, no matter how lucrative the engagement.



Michael Mione

Co-Founder | TORRO Group 

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Damian Yeboah

Co-Founder | TORRO Group 

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