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Staying Competitive in the Age of COVID-19

Updated: May 8, 2021

In this time of an arguably unprecedented level of distress across sectors, in addition to

pressure on firms caused by the necessity of rapidly adapting to a remote professional

environment which will forever thrive on online engagement and services, the time is

ripe for high-liquidity investors, management teams, and owner-operators who have

demonstrated the capacity to not only adapt and weather the storm, but to thrive in it, to

strongly consider growth via mergers, acquisitions, creative partnerships, and


When one considers the limited quantity of firms such as your own maintaining

operational stability and strong cash flow; even being well-positioned to grow organically

and strategically despite current economic trends affecting businesses of all sizes, one

conclusion warranted is that such firms retain the unique advantage and capability to

absorb the more distressed parts of their sector, or even consolidate with other strong

stakeholders, increasing transaction capacity and market share, as well as bolstering

future stability.

Given the economic and public-health related uncertainties of the time, as well as the

private considerations which you or your firm may have regarding this avenue of growth,

at TORRO Group, we are confident that now is the perfect time for companies already

finding success in this environment to take advantage of an increased volume of heavily

discounted transactional equity, without stressing one’s own margins or day-to-day


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