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Business Valuations

Strengthen your positioning and negotiating power with a NACVA Certified Business Valuation.

What is a Business Valuation?

Business valuations are commonly referred to as business appraisals that are performed by certified valuators who adhere to published valuation standards set forth by well-known, accredited organizations.


A business valuation report issued by a firm with certified valuators holds credibility. Our valuation experts are certified by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) – the most recognized and esteemed organization in the valuation industry. 


When do you need a Certified Business Valuation?

Whether you are a business owner contemplating the sale of your business, raising bank capital or investor equity, pursuing a legal claim, preparing your succession or planning any array of accounting and IRS-related reporting events – you will want to obtain a valuation report that is credible and protects you against others from discrediting the valuation.

If you are facing any of these life events or at risk of possible IRS-related penalties or losing more than $5,900 on your transaction, then we highly recommend the insight provided by a certified business valuation. 


Your certified business valuation will:

  • Inform the list price and provide the fair market value of your business if you’re selling 

  • Deliver the credible and reliable value of your business if buying out a shareholder 

  • Provide the value of your shares, as reported to the IRS, if gifting to a family or friend

  • Add valuable credibility during negotiations or legal proceedings

In some instances, you may choose to provide the certified valuation report to your counterparty to further strengthen the reliability of the valuation and remove barriers. In other cases, you may be required to disclose the valuation report as required by the IRS when gifting shares or purchasing a business. 



Start the process with a free consultation

Your engagement starts with a free consultation to discuss your valuation needs. You’ll engage directly with our team and will experience an organized and secure data collection process if you choose to move forward. 


Click here to schedule your free consultation. 

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