A hands on approach to preparing your digital business for market and executing a successful exit.

When is the right time to start planning an exit? What can I expect for my business? Who would be interested in a business like mine and where do I find them? How to I increase the value of my business in the eyes of an acquirer?

As a business owner, establishing your blueprint to a satisfactory exit helps you focus on the should rather than the could. During this process, we will work with you to identify the risks and opportunities that can be leveraged to increase the value of your business at exit.

01. Goal setting

Your first 30-45 minute strategy session is on the house. Here is where we'd ask you to bring all your unanswered questions to the table for us to talk through. We will explore various exit scenarios that might be available to you, while understanding the much larger picture of what you as an owner are trying to achieve. We'll talk through specifics such as the profile of your ideal acquirer, timelines, deal terms, type of exit, etc. We find this to be an excellent starting point in order to get the wheels spinning. 

03. Preparing your business

Once we have completed our goal setting strategy session and soft valuation we will have an intricate understanding of where your business stands in terms of the level of preparation it will require before going to  market. 

Option 1: Immediate Exit - In this scenario, we have all come to the same conclusion that your business is packaged as well as it ever could be. At this point we will enter into an exclusivity agreement, allowing us to begin crafting a narrative to introduce your business to potential acquirers. 


Option 2: Full Exit Planning and brokering the deal - In this scenario, we have come to the conclusion that there are a few holes that could potentially be poked in your business that haven't been thought out yet. We will work with you on a pre-determined timeline, and help you navigate your way through the implementation and execution of your exit plan, preparing your business as best we can prior to going to market. 

Plans can change in an instant. Focus on value-increasing initiatives that put your business in the strongest possible position, when the time comes to sell. Who knows, maybe a strategic partner takes a keen interest in your systems & process, or a client of yours is looking to vertically integrate, you never know when you'll be propositioned as an acquisition target.

05. Our main focus

Our digitally native approach allows us to move fast and with agility.


Dozens of entrepreneurs, tech companies, and institutional investors join our network each day, so it’s not unusual for our clients to achieve an early exit when their business matches the criteria of a buyer in our network. Whether you exit early, on time, or a little later than expected, the TORRO team is personally invested in helping achieve your goals.

Our main focus is to get your business immediate, broad and direct exposure on a global scale.

07. Protecting your interests

Throughout the entire process, we take every measure to protect the confidentiality of you and your business. We consider every aspect of your online business, its financial data, your customer and vendor lists, and even the fact that it is for sale, as confidential. By taking a conservative approach as to whom and how access to your company information is given, we are intent on protecting the intellectual properties of your business and ensuring your sales process is not sidetracked by the misuse of confidential information or the need for unwanted litigation.

02. Soft Valuation

It all starts with a free, no-obligation website business evaluation. We’ll work with you to understand your online business, its financial history, and all of its unique facets. After signing a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we will request some additional information about your business and possible access to (view only) back end analytics dashboards. We will utilize these specific details in addition to our internal research and comparable sales data to determine the current market value of your business within 24 hours. We will also present factors that will influence the forward looking value of your business as well as how close (or far) you are to realizing a considerable exit. Items such as external market conditions, precendent set by comparable market movement and market positioning. 

04. Marketing your business

With the market value of the business and your goals for exiting in mind, we’ll prepare your online business assets allowing you to command maximum value. No one knows your business quite like you do, so we’ll work closely with you to understand all the details and formulate a professional 12-15 page prospectus of your business.


After painting a strong picture, we will then be directly communicating the opportunity to our targeted buyers list of 35k+ pre-qualified strategic and financial buyers. Our private buyers list has been built up over 25 years and consists of Private Equity, Private and Public Companies, Entrepreneurial Investors, Family Offices, etc.


In addition, we’ll use our network of business-for-sale portals, venture capital contacts, and high net-worth individuals to further spread the word regarding your business. We’ll get your business in front of tens of thousands of buyers in just a few days, leading to quick interest and ultimately to an offer that works for you.

06. Buyer qualification & Managing the sales process

As an essential part of your deal team, it is our responsibility to rigorously qualify any prospective acquirer, so you don't have to. In our experience, quality of negotiations will be directly determined by the level and extent of early stage qualifying and due diligence. While saving you and your team valuable time and internal resources, our sell side partners trust us to represent them in a professional manor and with discretion.

Once in the marketplace, we’ll also be fielding questions from interested parties regarding your online business property, qualify their interest, and work on your behalf to find a buyer with a deal that works for you. Throughout the process, we will ensure you are always in the driver’s seat of your sales transaction.

08. Closing the deal

From Letter of Intent (LOI) through Due Diligence, right to Closing, and the signature of your Purchase Agreement, we’ll be available each and every step of the way. As your transaction progresses we’ll work with both parties to finalize details, plan the transition & education and work through any final issues that may arise on both sides of the deal.

Once all parties have satisfied due diligence, it is our responsibility to get you over the the finish line. Whether it's acting as a buffer between you and your legal team, prepping late stage requested files, helping you answer the not so easy to answer questions, squashing any potential late stage concerns by the acquirer, massaging egos, coming up with fair and equitable deal terms and scenarios, and the list goes on.